About us

Call Rachel on 01565 722915 or 07974 911827 or email rachel@moss-farm.com

Moss Farm is situated between the villages of Plumley and Lower Peover. It is set in 28 acres of farmland in a remote but yet convenient location. We bought the farmhouse in 1999. It was then a derelict old building almost invisible from the road because of the growth of the bushes and trees. We spent a year extending and renovating the house whilst living in a caravan.

This was an experience that we won’t forget. It was a very cold winter and after the oven ceased working, the pipes to the bathroom burst and the gas froze in the regulator, I will never take these things for granted. My strongest memory is one on Christmas day. We only had a trickle of gas and no water, I had to scrape snow from the ground, boil it on the trickle of gas and poor the hot water on the gas regulator to open it up a bit more. I had to repeat this several times until the gas was flowing freely before I moved on to defrosting the pipes. Rachel then cooked the Christmas dinner on the two hobs that were working. Those Mexican Enchiladas tasted great.

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